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Your Fire Protection Headquarters


Fire alarms provide an almost instantaneous alert if a fire starts in your home or business, letting everyone know about the danger and helping them get to safety as quickly as possible.

Linc Electric provides 24 Hour Monitoring of your Fire Alarm System. You and the fire department will be notified immediately of any trouble or alarm (fire) condition.

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Closed Circuit Video Cameras

security-cameraWe install advanced Closed Circuit Video systems that are user friendly. In the past you had to partition out different phases for what you wanted to achieve, but our product can do it with one simple DVR. (digital video recorder) our Closed Circuit Video systems automatically shift from daylight to darkness and can record in total darkness.

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology allows homeowners and business to place wireless cameras outside and inside their homes. The cameras can then be monitored from a computer in the house or remotely from a PC or Smart Phone. Using a secure password, homeowners can look in on their home from anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. For example, a traveling homeowner can check in on home to make sure there has been no damage during a recent storm, or a busy mom can even check on children in the playroom while she is in the kitchen.

Smart Phone Monitoring

You can find out if the garage door has been left open, if the dog walker took your pooch out for a full session, if there’s a leak in the basement, if medicine or liquor cabinets have been opened, if you forgot to turn on the system, etc. You can also control your security system remotely (if you did forget to turn it on before you left for work, you can simply activate it over your smart phone).

Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensors

Wireless Motion Detector means you don’t have to run any wires to install it, and it is reliable (larger sensitivity zone + it stands up well to the elements)

Alarm Systems

There are basic components to any alarm system.  These could include everything below, or a combination thereof:

  • Your control panel
  • Key fobs – a wireless remote
  • Door and Window Sensors – contact sensors installed on doors and windows
  • Motion Detectors – Infrared motion sensors are the most reliable and cost effective methods for protecting your family
  • Glass Break Detectors – these are activated by the sound of breaking glass
  • Smoke Detectors – these are usually hardwired to your electric system and alert your family to the presence of smoke and also simultaneously send a signal to the monitoring company.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors – these sense unsafe levels of carbon monoxide – which is odorless, colorless gas – also known as “the silent killer”
  • Water Level Detectors – used in basements, laundry pans, water heater and air conditioning pans to detect the presence of liquid.
  • Temperature Monitors – not common, however they do monitor temperature conditions in your home or office.

Security Cameras



Total Remote Access
Internet • Smart Phones •
Blackberry’s • PC’s & Laptops

5 Things to Consider when buying a security system

  1. Interior protection devices
  2. Fire protection
  3. Carbon monoxide detectors
  4. Perimeter window & door contacts
  5. Yard signs & window/door decals


Overt & Covert Video Surveillance Systems

There are two types of video surveillance systems: overt and covert. Basically this means systems that are hidden and systems that are openly visible to anyone who comes to the house. Both types of systems have their merits. With covertly hidden cameras (sometimes called “nanny cams”), you can monitor people who are in your house for babysitting, pet-sitting, cleaning, or maintenance. This can be an excellent way to go if you’re not 100% sure of the people who are in and out of your home for various reasons, or even if you just want to keep an eye on things from work, vacation, etc.