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Ventilating attics in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware &
Philadelphia Counties for 20 years

Attic Heat Drives Up Air Conditioning Costs

Attic Fan ventilation is what we do! Our attic fan installation lowers the attic temperature and expels the hot, expanding air. In addition to the efficiency and comfort issues, lowering attic heat considerably lengthens roof life. It also provides added beneficial passive ventilation in the winter.

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Why an Attic Fan

The attic is an oppressive source of unwanted warm weather heat that penetrated to the living area. A poorly vented attic can reach temperatures of over 150 degrees!

As the attic air heats up, it expands. The expansion makes it so that the heated air can’t escape quickly enough through the ridge, soffit, or end vents, even in new homes with up-to-code ventilation.

Insulated Attics Need an Attic Fan

Even with your heavy insulation in the attic floor it is little help against this pressurized hot air. Consequently, the heat pushes through the ceiling to the floor below.

If you have air conditioning, the unit is working hard to re-cool the hot air from your attic. Very often, even a well-designed system can’t keep up, leaving the home warmer than you intended. It’s like heating your home with your windows open.