Emergency Electrician in the Lower Merion Township PA

Emergency Electrician Lower Merion Township

Do you need an electrician right away? Call (610) 853-8293 or (215) 225-1440

Are you on your smartphone searching the Internet because the lights in your Lower Merion townships home are out? Then you have come to the right place! Linc Electric has more than 15 years of experience helping people of Philadelphia, the inner ring suburbs, and further afield get back on track when they experience problems with their electrical infrastructure.

Whether it is an emergency or any other type of electrical issue the people of Lower Merion Township can count on us to help them with:

  • General electrical repairs
  • Service upgrades
  • Lighting repairs
  • Generator installation
  • Fixtures replaced (socket and switch)
  • Wiring
  • Panel changes

Common Emergency Electrical Issues in Lower Merion Townships

Here is a short list of the most frequent reasons we get emergency calls.

Tripped breaker- If a breaker goes off and will not reset, then it is likely that the problem is not with the panel, but with the wiring. The breaker refuses to be reset because the panel detects a dangerous current and is protecting your home.

Sparking – This can happen when too many cords are plugged into one area. If cords become damaged then there can be arcs of electricity or sparks that can potentially create further damage or even fires.

Lights go off and then work again – There is something wrong with circuit and the bulb is overheating. The light is being kept off by a safety mechanism that detects the bulb as being too hot for safe use. To fix this a different wattage may be required or the fixture may need to be replaced.

If you have any questions about the emergency electrical or general electrical services Linc Electric provides the homes and businesses of Lower Merion, then please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.