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When it comes to helping to protect your home in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery Counties from damaging power surges you can rely on a whole house surge protection installation from Linc Electric. Trusted in thousands of Philadelphia Area homes for over 20 years.

What Surge Protectors Protect

A whole-house surge protector helps, if the power line gets hit by a lightning bolt or if the power from your electric company has surges. It also handles surges that occur in your house, when you turn off something that has a motor.

Whole-house Surge Protectors will also protect your coaxial (TV/Internet) and land-line connections from surges that can come in through these wires.

Surge Protectors

The best & safest type of Surge Protector connects directly to the main electric panel off a circuit breaker or directly between the meter and panel.

Surge Protector Occurrences

A voltage surge or spike caused by a blown downed power lines lightning, electric power grid switching, etc. are all examples of what can happen to affect your home’s systems and appliances